Klaer Lodge

Quiet Hours: 11pm to 8am




Pavilions & Dining Hall: 

Cleaning Fee: All facilities must be cleaned before leaving. (Sweep, wipe counters, trash picked up, etc.)

Cancellation / Refund Policy:  We require the full payment if a reservation is made less than seven days of the check in date. If the reservation is further in advance, we require a 50% deposit on tent sites, RV/trailer sites, and cabin rentals. Pavilions must be paid in full at the time of the reservation. You may reschedule your visit at any time without penalty. If you need to cancel your reservation we will refund your original payment minus $7 ($3.50 non-refundable reservation fee plus a $3.50 cancellation fee). 

Pets:  Pets must be leashed at all times and waste picked up and properly disposed. If a pet disturbs others and/or is deemed dangerous, that pet will be expelled from the ark. Pets are not allowed in the swimming area in the pond. The pet owner is responsible for their pet.

Alcohol Policy: Alcohol is prohibited in the park.